We are building a converter station on Stadshagens idrottsväg that is to supply the expanded metro with power.

What is being built

The location of the converter station in Stadshagen was planned and prepared to meet the power needs of the 1965 metro plans, which already included a line to Nacka. Now, in conjunction with the expansion of the metro system’s Blue Line to Nacka and Söderort, the converter station will be built at the location planned all those years ago. This new converter station is a prerequisite for the expansion of the metro system’s Blue Line and will also enable more frequent train services.

The planned site is adjacent to Stadshagens idrottsväg, with the sports field on the other side of the road. The planned site encompasses the property Glaven 13, which is owned by the City of Stockholm. The building will be erected and designed with consideration for the surrounding landscape, street environment and urban development.

Do you have any questions?

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