Expanded depot at Högdalen

As the Stockholm metro network grows, it will require more trains. To be able to manage all these new trains, the Högdalen depot is being expanded. A new tunnel is also being built to connect the depot to the Farsta branch of the metro, so that trains can enter and leave via both Högdalen and Hökarängen.

The map shows the planned expansion of the Högdalen depot.
The map shows the planned expansion of the Högdalen depot.


The trains in Stockholm’s metro system need to be cleaned, repaired and stored for the night. All of this is done at depots. Stockholm has six depots for the metro system. The current depot capacity will be insufficient once the metro network has been expanded. As a result, in 2016 the County Council Executive Committee decided that the Högdalen depot should be expanded.

The Stockholm metro system is being complemented with eighteen stations and thirty kilometres of track. (Click the image to enlarge it.)

Larger depot in Högdalen

The Högdalen depot will be complemented with new storage, cleaning and graffiti removal facilities for trains. The new depot will be able to accommodate about 50 trains. This is twice as many as the current 25-train capacity. To make space for the expansion, the compound is being extended about 30 metres south.

Maintenance work at the Högdalen depot.

We are building a new tunnel

A new tunnel will be built between the Högdalen depot and Hökarängen to provide access for trains from the Green Line’s Farsta branch. The tunnel will measure 2.5 kilometres in length and the blasting work will take about three years. An underground train yard will also be built adjacent to the tunnel with enough space for several trains.

Tunnel construction.

What is happening at Örbyleden?

Building the new tunnel requires that we excavate the bedrock. As a result, we are building an access and service tunnel by Örbyleden in Hökarängen. This tunnel will be used throughout the construction period. The tunnel will enable us to clear the rubble from blasting work as well as to transport machines and personnel in and out.

The access tunnel being built by Örbyleden will be used as a service tunnel once the project is completed.

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